Sunday, July 19, 2009

Is President Obama
Giving The Public
The Bum’s Rush?

Article by Dr. Ada Fisher
- North Carolina National Committee Woman

President Obama is definitely a young man in a hurry. Maybe it’s as Satchel Paige warned, “Don’t look back for something may be gaining on you.” Could it be the truth and the emerging facts on the fallacies of the Obama sweet talk? Are people beginning to appreciate how this administration’s socialistic approach is encroaching on democratic ideals and threatening to kill off capitalism?

In Guantanamo, President Obama promised to close that prison before he had some place to send folks. After apologizing and making nice to a lot of folks with whom our relationships have been questionable, have we gotten space for two dozen alleged enemy combatants? Is this a president who promises much and is having problems delivering on substance?

Panicking over emerging bank failures and planting in folk’s minds the silly notion that some banks are too big to fail, Obama and his predecessor decided to bail out the banks. Now we watch banks hoard their booty, foreclosures continue to rise, and unemployment is ballooning upward. Could it be time for some accountability - like letting fail those who lent more than people could pay as well as allow a loss for those who borrowed money they knew they couldn’t repay?

Who should fail and who is worthy of a bailout? First banks, then housing and now outcries from students and every conceivable segment of society without any substantive relief for those few remaining tax payers who have to foot these bills. Do you truly think there are enough rich folks without deductions to pay for all this? What are we doing for taxpayers and those future generations who are surely going to bear this burden?

Then there was rush to pass a stimulus bill of more than 3000 pages. We were told the sky was falling and we needed to hurry up and do something before we understood the truth about the paltry economic stimuli in the proposed package. With less than a third of the money spent to date and new projects drowning out the need for repairs of our infrastructure, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid may have their railway for the short distance from Nevada to California, but the rest of us are going to have to walk over the long haul. Isn’t it interesting that whatever relief is scheduled, doesn’t truly begin until time for the 2010 elections?

Now in the biggest scheme to socialize medicine, Nancy Pelosi lied in proclaiming AMA support for the Congressional Health Care Reform Bill. I didn’t think the AMA had lost its collective mind, so I’ve read the details of their April 13th letter which supports the concept of Obama’s eight principles; however, they are clear in asking for reforming the insurance market, establishing antitrust reforms for physician groups, easing medical liability pressures, adequate reimbursement for services, etc. which are definitely not covered in the health reform bill. And neither the AMA nor Congress seemed overly concerned about who’s going to pay the bill.

Obama is a master politician who not only is taking early advantage of his popularity, exploiting the unwillingness of people to criticize for fear of being called racist or in the case of blacks disloyal, and the anticipated reelection fall-out in 2010. As attention is focused on the nuts and bolts of his rush to legislate, some call it the madman approach. I call it the Pabulum Surge - for like a child in a tantrum, he’ll throw things against the wall and hope it sticks. When you go to clean up the mess made, you realize you can’t let him have his way.

Will the adults and statesmen in America, step to the plate, demand that Congress read bills being proposed and come home to town hall meetings to hear what folks think before a vote is taken? If you are going to do something, then let’s get it right the first time with representative input from constituents and truly understand what we are doing.

All good points Ada. Then there are the national defense issues where he is gutting our military and inspiring our enemies. This man is a Marxist and a racist and he scares the hell out of a lot of Americans.


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