Friday, July 10, 2009

Inner Banks Humor - Politics

White House Press Corps Happy to Attend
Barack Obama's Off-the-Record BBQ

John Cook - July 9th 2009 - Gawker

We reported yesterday that Politico's Mike Allen was spotted milling about as a guest at the White House's "backyard bash" by the pool reporter, who was allowed into the event for 40 minutes and kept in a pen before being ushered out. When Allen quoted from the pool report in his Playbook column the next day, he deleted a reference to his own name and didn't bother to tell his readers that he was actually at the party.

That this article has to be written by a blogger and a site called Gawker says almost all that needs to be said about the state of subservience by America's press to the political control they suffer in the administration of the Magic Marxist Messiah!

It is actually true that though 30 very liberal reporters were the guests of Barack Obama at the White House 4th of July party, they were required to sign away their reporting rights so much, that in embarrassment, they hid the fact that they were even there. Actually what they hid was the fact that ONLY liberals get to talk with Obama. Anyone who might dare to disagree with him is denied access. So those who attended ran the "pool" coverage as if they were not there. In earlier administrations meetings about wars and top secret were treated the way that Obama treats a 4th of July Party!



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