Saturday, July 17, 2010

Inner Banks Philosophy

I am not a Peggy Noonan fan, however I acknowledge she can be incredibly insightful. In her latest article she nailed Barack Obama. Obama "came across as a detached academic who believed in abstract notions he'd picked up in the faculty lounge."

His lack of real understanding of the issues Americans face is apparent. I myself have called him "amateur". In his own autobiograhy, Obama declares he is most comfortable with Marxists, socialists, radicals and extremists, not everyday Americans.

I immediately accepted Noonan's description when I read it. It embraces the truth that Obama dabbles in socialism, dabbles in Marxism, dabbles in subjects in which he is unqualified; yet as a faculty lounge debater he cannot see his own shortcomings. It is all abstract to Obama. He thinks he is an expert because he debates with other academics.

Pretty good insight Peggy.


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