Sunday, August 22, 2010

Inner Banks Patriotism

As much as I disagreed with George W. Bush over his waste of money on big government boondoggles and his lack of fiscal discipline, I never worried about the ultimate success in the war against the Islamo fascists when he was President. Though his use of the "war on terror" label was something of a joke, he seriously sought to make sure that our nation was safe and our troops were fighting for defense of our nation and to protect our freedoms. He appreciated their sacrifice.

I am not surprised that we see no pictures like this of President Obama and Queen Michelle, welcoming our troops home from a job well done. I do not believe either is a patriot who loves America.

The sincerity of George and Laura's smiles in these pictures says everything you need to say about the good things this man stands for. He is a patriot. I love the recent T-sirts, "Do you miss me yet?" I must admit, even with his flaws, I do.


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