Monday, January 24, 2011

Inner Banks Philosophy

Thomas Sowell always zeros in on the important misunderstandings that occur in conversations between political opponents. As an example, there is always a condemnation by liberals of the fact that upper income families make more than lower income families. Sowell points out:

One of the true hallmarks of dishonest statistics are citations of household income. And that is because households contain radically different numbers of people from one income class to another, from one time period to another, from one race to another, etc. For example in the top 20 percent of households there are 64 million people, in the bottom 20 percent there are 39 million people. So we are comparing apples and oranges from the beginning.

Talking with someone who quotes " unfair statistics" as if they are relevant is a waste of time. Lies are always lies. Liberals lie.


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