Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Budget Deficits And
Now Another War

by Dr. Ada Fisher - Submitted March 22nd, 2011

A twelve trillion plus deficit and now another war which doesn’t directly affect our national security may not only prolong our oil energy dependency but promises to deepen the deficit beyond that which our children can pay. If Gadhafi is good on his promises it also means more domestic terrorism.

Does placing our soldiers under control of the United Nations or other nations impact our national sovereignty to some extent? Why not contribute a pool of volunteers to serve in the UN Forces and let them be under the UN command? What do we lose in letting our soldiers operate under the command of other nations?

Though it may be our belief that democracy is the right course of action to insure the freedom of peoples around the world, is it the United States’ responsibility to go to war to help every rebellion where that specter of possible citizen suppression exists? Is it in our constitution that the USA is in the business of regime change for those countries requesting our help? How can we justify action to prevent the slaughter of citizens in Libya or Kosovo or Bosnia? Where were we on Somalia or Rwanda?

If nothing else history teaches us important lessons:

-When our mission isn’t clear and end points are given away to the purported enemy before the game is even started good, our probability of quick victory diminishes.

-When we know that genocide is happening but wait trying to get consensus to act, the slaughter of millions can occur as did happen with the Jews in Germany.

-When the United States has been in battles for its own sovereignty and territories from the Revolution to the Civil War and other continental territorial expansions, the one nation which clearly protected our southern borders was the nation of Haiti under Toussaint L’Overature. Yet, this is the same nation whose citizens fleeing oppression today in search of democracy are continually turned away from our borders. Will we continue to be unfair to Haiti while we coddle Mexico which is flooding the nation with illegal drugs as well as low skill laborers who compete with the out of work?

The latest conflict in Libya will cost an estimated additional $100 billion dollars annually, so where’s the money coming from? Why are we asking citizens to give up their social security to fight a war on which no congressional discussion has been had? How can Obama plunge into war when he is only willing to reduce the deficit by 6 billion dollars?

Let’s take the cost of the war out of unspent stimulus funds, an unpopular health care bill, eliminate the 40 billion dollar federally subsidized Faith Based Initiatives and 1 billion dollar Totalization Agreement with Mexico which gives them money back for illegal alien social security taxes withheld as well as place a ten percent pay cut and freeze on all federal governmental salaries as long as we are engaged in undeclared wars.


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