Thursday, March 24, 2011

Progressive Hypocrisy

There is always a certain degree of delight in having your political opposition self destruct in a truly hypocritical fashion. Progressives constantly pounded on the mantra that George W. Bush's action in Iraq was a "rush to war". However they ignored the fact that Bush got 17 separate U.N. resolutions supporting his action, most of them unanimous with no abstentions. He also got overwhelming approval from both houses of the United States congress. All of this happened before he went on television to tell the American people what he planned to do, in advance of actually doing it.

Barack Obama got ONE resolution and even that resolution had FIVE abstentions. Barack Obama informed congress of his plans to go to war - but did not even bother requesting congressional approval. Nor did he bother to explain what he planned to the American people. He actually left the country instead. This of course is hunky dory with most on the left. The only thing they see is that Obama got UN approval for that one resolution. That makes it all okay.

One resolution versus seventeen UN resolutions for Bush. Congress informed but never consulted, much less votes to support the action as Bush obtained. None of this matters to most on the left.

It is encouraging that some of the more ethical of the left have reacted with disapproval to Obama's acts. However that does not seem to include the subservient main stream media who as usual can find no fault with anything that Obama does.


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