Thursday, September 22, 2011

Obama Is In His Own World

A special thank you to for this photo. As noted on her site, the photo is not altered. It really does show Barack Obama so oblivious to everyone else in the world that he blocks the view of another world leader while he waves to the camera. After all, isn't it all about him?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Drudge Report Headline

Today's Drudge Report leads off with the headline

"Shock Poll: Palin pulls within 5 points of Obama."

What else is there to say?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Inner Banks Comment Of The Day

A poster on NRO came up with the best comment of the day.

"We expected Barack Obama to be a disaster as President, and he exceeded our expectations."

Inner Banks Reality

President Barack Obama has more access than anyone in America to the statistics about our government and the taxes it imposes. So why is he LYING?

The taxes paid by the top 1% of our citizens (the wealthy) are reported every year by numerous organizations. They have not changed materially in years. The top 1% of income earners makes 20% of all income and pays 38% of all taxes.

Conversely those who make below the median national income of $34,000 a year (the poor) earn 13% of all income but pay only 3% of taxes.

It is possible that Warren Buffet has rigged his income tax to be abnormally low, but that is not typical of the wealthy or the percentages would not prove that the exact opposite is normal. Taxes on the wealthy, even after all the special tax breaks that they get, are still EIGHT TIMES the percentage on low income earners. Remember that - the next time President Barack Obama starts his demagoguery about 'the rich'. There is simply no reality to the claim that low or middle income earners pay higher rates than the wealthy. It is an ignorant claim.

It is also true that the greatest beneficiaries of the Republican tax cuts of the last 10 years were the middle class, not the rich. That too is something that Barack Obama LIES about constantly.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Seven Million Miles From Earth

This is a unique photo taken from Voyager I near the start of its epic exploration of our solar system. It was taken when the craft was only 7 million miles out on September 18th, 1977. No human has ever been in a position to take this photo. Voyager was already farther out than any human has so far ever been. Today (34 years later) Voyager I is still reporting data several times a week and Eleven Billion miles away from Earth as it continues to streak along on its amazing journey.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Perrytown Fire Department
Remembering 9-11

A large crowd gathered early for the Woodmen of the World flag presentation to the Perrytown Fire Department, given as part of their Woodmen of the World Salutes America's Heroes program.

Perrytown Fire Department Fire Chief Bud Lee (below) was Master of Ceremonies for the event.

Reverend David Baker (below), Volunteer Fireman and Chaplain of the Perrytown Fire Department gave the invocation.

Betty Jo Shepard (below) read a letter from U.S. Senator Richard Burr honoring the 9/11 heroes and gave his respects to the attendees.

Doug Causey (below), USDA Area Director, spoke about the 9/11 Remembrance and the actions of the nation in improving first responder capability all across America.

Misty Deans (below), Interim Emergency Management Coordinator for Bertie County expressed appreciation from her department and the County Commission for all of our first responders and the magnificent job they, and their families do, to serve our communities.

Woodmen of the World Representative Eleanor Hollowell (below), expressed their appreciation to the many first responders in our nation, and presented the flag which was the occasion of the ceremony to Fire Chief Bud Lee.

Plymouth Fire Department Honor Guard Representative Tyrell Arnold (below) led us in the Pledge of Allegiance to start the actual flag raising portion of the event.

Next came the singing of the National Anthem by Sue Tripp (below).

Perrytown Fire Chief Bud Lee, with the Plymouth Fire Department Honor Guard (below), attached the new flag to the new flag pole which the Woodmen of the World had funded, raised the flag, then lowered it to half mast in honor of 9/11 victims.

The ceremony was concluded by Bud Lee (below).

After the ceremony, the Perrytown Fire Department volunteers (below) gathered for a picture with the new flag and flag pole.

The day ended with food and drink (below) in the adjacent Perrytown Community Center.

A special thanks to the Plymouth Fire Department Honor Guard (below) for their assistance in conducting the flag raising ceremony.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Perry Versus Obama

by Ramirez

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Sarah Palin Drives Media Nuts

Sarah Palin is hated by the national media, and yet they cannot stop covering anything that she does. She was in Iowa and gave a speech yesterday. 2,000 people came out in the rain to hear her, yet the media could not admire that she had that many die hard fans. They panned her for being too stupid to come in out of the rain. Of course if she had not given the speech they would have panned her for disappointing the crowd. The question is not whether she has done something wrong. The only question is how do they spin whatever she has done today to be wrong so they can ridicule her. Whatever she does is always obviously wrong. The only question is in what way is it wrong.

Of course her supporters have long since figured this out and delight in the way Sarah drives the media nuts. They no longer care what the media says. They would only care if the media did not smear her.

In the picture Sarah and Todd take a break from the bus trip through Iowa beside a sign cut into crops by one of her supporters. What other candidate has such committed supporters?

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Inner Banks - Job Statistics

Since the day he took the oath of office, Barack Obama has seen the loss of 2.4 million jobs in our nation. There are 2.4 million less people employed today than on that day.

Among people with jobs over 3 times that number, 8 million, are working fewer hours than they previously worked and would like to work. They have essentially lost a critical portion of their income.

Around 5 million young people have entered the work force since that day. Though some have found jobs, for every one who found a job someone else has lost a job. Since there are fewer people working today it is safe to say that the natural job growth needed to keep unemployment steady has not taken place.

If you count the people who would like to work but have given up looking (a number ignored by the government) real unemployment currently exceeds 20% of our workforce. This is approaching the unemployment rate at the depths of the depression in the 1930s.

Barack Obama insists he has created 2 million jobs. I think that his claim is gibberish. Like most left wing extremists he believes that his irrational explanation should satisfy even the millions whose lives he has destroyed.