Sunday, September 04, 2011

Sarah Palin Drives Media Nuts

Sarah Palin is hated by the national media, and yet they cannot stop covering anything that she does. She was in Iowa and gave a speech yesterday. 2,000 people came out in the rain to hear her, yet the media could not admire that she had that many die hard fans. They panned her for being too stupid to come in out of the rain. Of course if she had not given the speech they would have panned her for disappointing the crowd. The question is not whether she has done something wrong. The only question is how do they spin whatever she has done today to be wrong so they can ridicule her. Whatever she does is always obviously wrong. The only question is in what way is it wrong.

Of course her supporters have long since figured this out and delight in the way Sarah drives the media nuts. They no longer care what the media says. They would only care if the media did not smear her.

In the picture Sarah and Todd take a break from the bus trip through Iowa beside a sign cut into crops by one of her supporters. What other candidate has such committed supporters?


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