Monday, August 29, 2011

Good Night Irene, Goodbye Irene...
Good Riddance Irene

Sometimes I live in the country
Sometimes I live in the town
Sometimes I have a great notion
To jump In the river and drown

Irene good night, Irene good night
Good night Irene, good night Irene
I'll see you in my dreams

Hurricane Irene was very wide, slow moving and lasted a long time because of it - but at least she did less damage than Isabel. Windsor as usual got flooded though. Here are some pictures from earlier today.

Hammer Head's Oyster Bar was surrounded by water, along with Bunn's Barbecue in the background.

Edward Jones Investments is going to have to provide waders if anyone is going to change their investments.

And of course, the Chamber Headquarters was flooded again.

Windsor as always will come back strong. We're tough.


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