Monday, August 29, 2011

Some Facts About Obama's
Campaign To Increase Diversity

Our President, Barack Obama has just initiated an aggressive campaign to "increase diversity" in federal jobs. Before you react with approval to his complaint that the 13.5% of Americans who are black do not have enough federal jobs, you should understand the following about black employment already:

18% of all federal employees are already black - where is the evidence that blacks are not getting their share of federal jobs?

25% of Treasury is black.

25% of Veteran Affairs is black.

31% of the State Department is black.

37% of the Department of Education is black.

38% of Housing and Urban Development employees are black - yet blacks constantly complain they cannot get HUD grants because "there are not enough blacks in the department". It was this same agency that presided over the housing debacle caused by rules demanding banks loan to unqualified blacks. No one can doubt that the stupidity of these rules was not influenced by the excessive representation of blacks in the department that wrote the rules.

55% of the Printing Office is black.

One important statistic about blacks in government. The number of blacks who are killed in battle is 10%, 30% less than their percentage of the population would suggest. Despite the constant mantra of how blacks are overrepresented in the armed forces due to a racist desire to see them die, that particular complaint is a lie which statistics have never supported. However it never stops the black instigators like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton from repeating the lie endlessly even in the face of the volunteer nature of our armed services.

President Obama is ignoring reality in creating this NEW diversity program. There is no rational way that any black can complain they do not get their fair share of federal jobs. The Obama program proves that no matter how much special treatment blacks receive they will NEVER believe it is enough.

As a specific example of this government demand for special treatment even in private jobs, blacks are 70% of professional football players and 28% of head coaches (twice their percentage of the population), yet the players association demands yet more blacks at every level of the game. Nothing will satisfy them until whites have been eliminated from the sport. How can anyone not see this drive to eliminate whites is racist to its core?

Thank you Sandra Day O'Connor. Affirmative action will never die. Equal protection under the law has ceased to exist thanks to the most corrupt court rulings in our history.


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