Thursday, December 01, 2011

History Repeats - As Usual

During the great depression there were repeated upticks in the economic data.

Every time this happened, Democrats insisted the continued wasting of money in stimulus and government programs was finally paying off. It never sustained during the great depression. It will not sustain now.

Tomorrow the jobs data will indicate a small upswing in jobs and a tiny drop in unemployment. Barack Obama has already seen the data and without it even being announced is proclaiming the good times are returning. This in the face of the Federal Reserve and all national banks around the world flooding money to prop up the data just as they did in 2008. You must remember, there is nothing that has been done to create that money except print it.

Inflation, real inflation in areas such as food, continues to inch up as it always does when government prints money. There is deflation in housing and other niche areas of the economy that temporarily hides this problem. However it is only a matter of time before inflation destroys the earning power of everyone not in government and prices get out of control. Since only government can index itself to inflation by laws, private workers are the people who always get screwed.

Prepare yourself.


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