Sunday, March 18, 2012

The 10p-a-day Vitamin Supplement
That Tackles Dementia

So why is the drug industry spending billions?

by Professor David Smith - March 17th, 2012 - London Mail

Last year we recruited 270 elderly people with memory problems and gave them Vitamin B tablets – folic acid (800 micrograms), B12 (500 micrograms) and B6 (20 milligrams).

The supplements, which cost as little as 10p a day, were found to slow shrinkage of the brain by an average of 30 per cent a year – and slow the rate of cognitive decline – in people with high blood levels of homocysteine. Raised levels of this amino acid can increase the risk of developing [Alzheimers] three or four-fold.

By regulating homocysteine with B vitamins, we showed for the first time it is possible to slow the progress of the disease...

This is good news that needs to be told to more people. It can change lives for the better for millions who would otherwise suffer the effects of this horrible disease.


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