Sunday, March 25, 2012

Perrytown B-B-Q
Eleven A.M. - It's Showtime!

Customers Start Arriving For Take Out And Eat In

by Dean Stephens

Saturday it was time again for the Spring Perrytown B-B-Q Chicken Festival. Take out or eat in. Either is the best B-B-Q Chicken you can get. This year there was more take out than ever, so clearly the event is catching on.


Jimmy Pierce, Rick Daniels, Phyllis Davidson, Donna Morris, Lee Lawrence, Jennifer Daniels and Charles Forward are gearing up for the take out customers.

It is so nice to pick up "take out orders" inside the new Perrytown Fire Station. Everyone stays dry, even when it is raining, as it was this year.

Jennifer Daniels grabs some B-B-Q Chicken hot off the grill to add to a take out plate.

Lee Lawrence makes some plates for take out.

Donna Morris, Lee Lawrence and Paulette Pierce keep the plates moving down the line.

Paulette Pierce with the first plate ready for the first order of the year.

And that first take out order for the year 2012 is for 9 dinners, picked up by Brandice Cullipher, greeted by Bud Lee.

The order is ready and goes in the back seat.  Brandice is helped by Jimmy Pierce.


All you need is your prepaid ticket. James Jordan was taking tickets this year and greeting the people who were eating in.

First "eat in" customers of the year 2012.

Bonnie Jordan, and in the background, Linda Hedgebeth, Kay Hughson, Pam Lawrence and Sue Dawson, prepare plates for the eat in customers.

Carolyn Lawrence, Sue Dawson, Kay Hughson,  Bonnie Jordan, Beth Northcott and Peggy Brown keep the plates coming.

Beth Northcott, Pam Lawrence,  Peggy Brown and Rosanna Thomas.

Another year. Another great event. See you for the Herring Dinner in the fall.


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