Thursday, January 01, 2009

'Dear Mr. Obama,'
Why are our Kids so Brainwashed?

by Warner Todd Huston - December 26th, 2008 - NewsBusters

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has launched a wonderful little feature that will run until Barack Obama takes the oath of office next month. They are calling it "Dear Mr. Obama" and it is a heartwarming exercise in child indoctrination and brainwashing. The Post-Gazette will be publishing letters from local students to Obama asking him for all sorts of global warming fixes, Iraq war enders, and big government programs.

Sadly, it appears that the government schools these kids have been subjected to have failed to teach their charges about anything like the American system, federalism, even science seems neglected. But they SURE taught their kiddies that government is there to spend, spend, spend, that government is to be treated like our collective parents, and that the war in Iraq is obviously an evil venture. Obviously.

This effort by the Post-Gazette is a great example of the pride our socialist teachers and socialist press have in the kids they have taught the brainwashed biased views that pass for learning in many of our classrooms today.

With no other views but those of a socialist teacher, it is easy to believe in the Utopia that is promised by socialism, as these naive kids do. It does beg the question, why does Barack Obama insist you cannot call him a socialist? If he isn't a socialist, why is it that so many socialists are so proud of him and so totally committed to supporting him?


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