Sunday, March 29, 2009

"He's Not A Real President,
But He Plays One On TV"

by Peter Bronson - March 27th, 2009 - Cincinnati Enquirer

I heard that caustic comment on talk radio and thought: That could stick like glue.

The cartoon we draw in our minds when we think of a president is a lot like epoxy: It's made by mixing different compounds that react with each other and bond together. If you don't work with it before it sets, it hardens and you can't remove it with a hammer and chisel.

The image we're forming of Obama is still soft, but it's starting to dry. And it's beginning to look like a guy who is more infatuated with being a celebrity than a president.

I don't think that treating this threat to liberty with derision will hurt. This article talks about Obama's tacky swagger. Boy is that ever true. I still think the most apt nickname is the "Magic Marxist Messiah" since it details the willingness of his minions to accept total gibberish that pours from his mouth as if it is intelligent dialogue. However I am more than willing to switch over to more open derision as long as it is negative. To use a favorite expression of Obama's minions, "whatever".


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