Thursday, May 07, 2009

Mom Says Patriot Act
Stripped Son Of Due Process

by Amanda Lamb - April 29th, 2009 - WRAL TV

Sixteen-year-old Ashton Lundeby's bedroom in his mother's Granville County home is nothing, if not patriotic. Images of American flags are everywhere – on the bed, on the floor, on the wall.

But according to the United States government, the tenth-grade home-schooler is being held on a criminal complaint that he made a bomb threat from his home on the night of Feb. 15.

The family was at a church function that night, his mother, Annette Lundeby, said.

"Undoubtedly, they were given false information, or they would not have had 12 agents in my house with a widow and two children and three cats," Lundeby said.

Around 10 p.m. on March 5, Lundeby said, armed FBI agents along with three local law enforcement officers stormed her home looking for her son. They handcuffed him and presented her with a search warrant.

"I was terrified," Lundeby's mother said. "There were guns, and I don't allow guns around my children. I don't believe in guns."

George W. Bush is the author of the Patriot Act. When used by a President who is trying to protect America from foreign threats, the Patriot Act is a good thing. When used by an administration that hates America and sees any conservative as a potential enemy of the Obama regime, numerous miscarriages of justice will ensue. The Patriot Act is just one of numerous screw ups by the inarticulate retard when he was President. TARP was the last and it was a truly horrible screw up.

If you think abuse of the Patriot Act is not going to get worse, just remember - Obama had only been in power three weeks when this 16 year old was arrested. He was arrested on the basis of a verbal threat made using IP telephony, an easily hackable technology. The only value to his arrest and detention is to intimidate conservatives. This is not about criminal or unpatriotic behavior. This is about hard ball politics by the hate America crowd in the Democrat Party.


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