Wednesday, August 19, 2009

College-Entrance Test Scores Flagging

by Robert Tomsho - August 19th, 2009 - Wall Street Jouornal

Only about a quarter of the 2009 high school graduates taking the ACT admissions test have the skills to succeed in college, according to a report on the exam that shows little improvement over results from the 2008 graduating class. The Iowa City, Iowa-based ACT said 23% of this year's high school graduates had scores that indicated they were ready for college in all four ACT subject areas, or had at least a 75% chance of earning a grade of C or better in entry-level courses.


Recent studies have shown that while younger students have made some progress in recent years, boosting results at the high school level has been difficult. A Department of Education report in April on the results from the National Assessment of Education Progress -- a key federal test -- found that U.S. high school students haven't made any significant progress in reading or math for nearly four decades.

Isn't it ironic that our ability to educate our youth collapsed just about the time that education was taken over by the liberal extremists who wanted to "reinvent" education with all their new ideas, each of which has failed. The truth is that improving education was never the goal. Brain washing students in left wing ideology was always the goal. That has succeeded. In the process our children were cheated of a decent education and denied the tools to think.


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