Sunday, August 09, 2009

Inner Banks Humor - Politics

Know Your Town Hall Mob Agitators!

by Iowahawk

By Linda Douglass
Deputy Assistant Under-Minister of Truth
White House Health Care Task Force

Greetings citizen! By now you may have heard scattered rumors of state and party officials encountering reactionary resistors at local health care reform information programs. Do not be alarmed, for our 5-year plan for citizen health proceeds without delay. Remain stalwart! The truth can be told at last, that these so-called “protests” are merely the desperate rear flank mob actions of dead-end bandits and saboteurs in the pay of enemy insurance agents.

This is my kind of humor. Iowahawk has written some of the best satire of the year!


At 8:40 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

Good morning Dean,

I loved the Iowahawk post! He has been one of my favorites for a long time.

You should check out his website at Hilarious!


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