Friday, October 09, 2009

New High School
Remains Priority

by Thadd White - October 8, 2009 - Roanoke-Chowan News-Herald

School Board Chairwoman Emma H. Johnson said she believed the community was willing to help build a new school.

“I have always been taught that good schools are in communities where people are willing to pay for them,” Johnson said. “We have been asking for a new Bertie High School for many years and always been rejected. When the economy was good, we were rejected. Now that the economy is not so good, we were rejected. When will the time be right? I believe that the citizens will support it.”

What a joke. We wasted a fortune on the Taj Mahal Middle School and our children are still failing. Schools do not teach kids. Building a new high school is not about teaching our kids. It is about personal glory hunting by adults and so-called educators and their constantly money grubbing unions. This article is filled with quotes from people who do not live in our county and who will make big money if a school is built, claiming that we have to build a school or our kids are being cheated.

The cheaters are people who make claims like: "Ott also said a $25 million building project could create 300 new jobs in Bertie County and an economic stimulus of $35-50 million." There will not be 300 construction jobs, they will be temporary, and since the current school is already operating here, the net economic stimulus will be negligible. In fact, you would have to be an idiot to buy the argument that spending $25 million one time with a construction firm out of our area, with most of the money going to vendors out of our county, could have a beneficial impact of twice the total spent. If you believe that, you probably support this incompetent waste of tax payer money.

The next thing you can expect to happen is for our new Bertie high school to be supported by homosexual activist Kevin Jennings, the Obama regime's Deputy Secretary, Office of Safe Schools, Department of Education. Maybe we could even name it for him if we add homosexuality to the tolerance and diversity classes that have replaced reading, writing and arithmetic in our modern curriculum.


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