Monday, September 06, 2010

Raging Mobs From The Restoring Honor Rally

Finally we have some close up video of the mob at the Restoring Honor Rally. Note the blood thirsty parents caring for their child in a stroller. Other parents are forcing their kids to walk to the rally on their own as the parents look for the center of violence. See the raving lunatics assisting those in wheel chairs to get to the site of the riot. Note all the old geezers insidiously dressed up as teen agers to deceive people into believing this is not a bunch of retired racists. Note the inter-racial couple fearfully walking to their imminent deaths. Oh the horror. Oh the humanity.

The above sarcasm is what progressive Democrats see when they view this video, but they don't think it is sarcasm.

See if you can find what they see? That is the challenge of the day!


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