Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Inner Banks Politics

Some of the highlights from yesterday's elections!

Republicans won both the House and Senate in the NC Legislature. Republicans now hold a 31 to 19 advantage in the Senate and a 67 to 52 advantage in the House. This is the first time since 1898 Republicans have controlled the state's legislature, and back then we had control as a part of a coalition. Over 110 years with One Party rule. Now ended.

Republicans took control of at least 19 state chambers away from Democrats with not one chamber going from Republican to Democrat control across the nation. A couple more flips from Democrat control are still possible in some tightly contested states not yet decided. The victories already secured include 11 states, some quite large, whose legislatures will decide redistricting under Republican control - which were in Democrat control until yesterday's voting. This huge victory in states across the nation consists of over 650 career Democrats (source - National Conference of State Legislatures) who were retired from public office to be replaced by Republicans. This will include the replacement of their staffs. Several thousand Democrats have lost their over paid jobs ruling our nation's states with abusive regulation and taxation.

In the key swing state of Ohio, Republicans swept all five statewide races, most importantly including Governor. Five Democratic U.S. House members were defeated by Republican challengers across the state, giving the GOP a 13-5 advantage in the Ohio delegation. Republicans also retained the Senate seat of a retiring Republican. Finally they took control of the legislature and elected a Republican Chief justice for their Supreme Court.

In Iowa, voters ousted three state Supreme Court justices who joined a 2009 ruling that legalized gay marriage there.

Republicans have won more than 58 seats in the US House of Representatives previously held by Democrats. With some races still in dispute the current assured results show Republicans will hold a 237 to 184 advantage. With only 14 seats left to be decided, no matter how remote the possibility that Democrats could win them all, even if they did this is the first time in my lifetime that Democrats will hold less than 200 seats.

Republicans have won at least 6 seats in the US Senate previously held by Democrats, with a couple of races still undecided . The ability of Obama to ram through legislation with one or two liberal Republican defectors has been ended.

ACORN and SEIU did their best to slow the Republican victories with numerous campaign voting violations documented across the nation. Democrat election corruption is a growing problem and can be expected to get even worse in 2 years. Republicans are finally responding and taking the risk to our nation's credibility as a serious issue.

Nationwide every single liberal ballot measure was defeated, including the attempt to legalize marijuana in California.

I may not be the first to say this but let me join those who have already noted, Thank you Barack Obama. Two more years of your leadership like the last two years and the Democrat Party may never recover.


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