Monday, December 11, 2006

Stateline House Provides Great Site For
Historical Society Christmas Party

The Gates County Historical Society had their annual Christmas Party at the unique home of Mike and Peggy Leffler. This home is on the border between North Carolina and Virginia and the border runs right through the center of the house.

The Unique State Line House, With Border Between North Carolina And Virginia Cutting Through The Middle Of The Front Door

Chris Rule Joins Mike Leffler In Greeting Attendees On The Front Porch

Food Is Ready And Attendees Are Called To Eat

Youngest Attendee Caylin Straddles The State Line Which Runs Through The Middle Of The House, Right Foot In Virginia, Left Foot In North Carolina

Joyce Brown And Peggy Leffler Discuss Coming Production Of "You, The Jury", This Year's Historical Society Play To Be Held In The Old Gates County Courthouse

Caylin's Mom Sue Helps Her Choose Hors Deurves

Historical Society President Edith Seiling (Center) Shows Off The Unique State Line House

The Christmas Party was clearly a success and everyone had a good time touring this unique location for a party. Hope to see you at the production of "You, The Jury" on Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday afternoon of the last weekend in January at the Old Gates County Courthouse.


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