Monday, January 08, 2007

You Are Hereby Ordered
To Report For Jury Duty

That's the letter you get in real life which most people try to get out of. However deep down inside we all know that we would love to be a juror on a life or death case. That is power. The most power the average citizen will ever have. Fantasize you just got the letter and you know for a fact you will be chosen as a juror for the murder case of the year.

Playing on that fantasy, Edith Seiling of the Gates County Historical Society is producing a great play in our area. It is titled, "You, The Jury", and it allows the audience to determine who is lying in a complicated murder case with life or death consequences. Want to see if you can figure it out? The ending of the play is determined by which verdict is returned!

Joyce Brown Is Directing The Play

The play, "You, The Jury", is directed by Joyce Brown, Gates County resident and former Full Professor of Communication at Chowan University. Joyce is a long time participant in the drama groups at Chowan and in Gates County. It stars Gates county residents Rene' Winslow, as counselor for the defense, and Garrett Maroney as prosecuting attorney.

Complications in the trial start with the fact the prosecuting attorney Allan Woodward (played by Garrett) is in love with defense counsel Edith Scott (played by Rene'). More drama comes because Edith is defending her sister Barabara in her first major case.

Rene' Winslow Stars As Edith Scott, Counselor For The Defense

Garrett Maroney Stars As Allan Woodward, Prosecuting Attorney

The questions are not simple. Did Barabara Scott (played by Dee Dee Oakey) or Shiela Vincent (played by Shelbie Palermo) kill the rich Chester Arthur Brant. One is his girl Friday, the other his fiance. Barbara is the one accused and standing trial. She has many reasons, some known and some not known, to kill him. Caught red handed with the murder weapon she has confessed. However it turns out she may be covering up for someone else, though that excuse seems highly incredible and unlikely unless her sister is either more naive or duplicitous than seems possible. Sheila Vincent also has reasons for wanting Chester Brant dead.

Dee Dee Oakey Stars As Barbara Scott

Shelbie Palermo Stars As Sheila Vincent

Shiela's story is disputed (and the Scott sisters alibi is supported) by the cocky elevator operator Jimmy Perry, who is either sincere or vindictive. Which is it? You, the Jury (the audience) will decide who is lying and who is telling the truth.

Bob Bryan Plays Judge Thomas Findlay, Here Shown
In The Godwin Courtroom Of The Old Gates County Courthouse,
The Location Of The Play

You should not miss the performances (and your role as juror):

Evening performances are at 8:00 PM on Friday January 26th, Saturday January 27th, and Saturday February 3rd.

Matinee performances are at 2:30 PM on Sunday January 28th and Sunday February 4th.

Tonya Sinclair Plays Janice Scott, Barbara And Edith's Younger Sister

It is a unique play and great entertainment. You really should not miss it.


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