Tuesday, June 19, 2007

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"It's Not About The Truth"
By Don Yaeger

Book Review by Nancy . . .

Nancy Adams

Threshold Editions, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, has published an explosive insider account of the Duke University Lacrosse Scandal. IT’S NOT ABOUT THE TRUTH by Don Yaeger . . . with Mike Pressler, the former head coach of the men’s lacrosse team. This book reveals for the first time what really happened after the infamous stripper party, and how the rush to judgment has affected the lives of those associated with the incident.

In the course of covering this scandal and the way it unfolded, the book has some really important lessons for life. I highly recommend this book to those who want to see others treated as they wish to be treated.

Too often I have felt that eastern NC has not been given a true perception of events in our capitol and other cities in our state. The News and Observer decided several years ago that it would no longer deliver papers to our doors here in the Inner Banks and so we have had to read Norfolk, Virginia's paper or get our news from TV and radio. That means we do not always get the whole story on things that happen in our state.

When this scandal started I was amazed at what I heard or read. Duke had been a school that I felt was not too ultra-liberal when my granddaughter graduated from there several years ago and I believed that surely there should be someone still on the staff who would say "they are innocent until proven guilty." Since no one did I decided that the prosecutor must have evidence that the accuser was trustworthy. When I had a chance to read the book, I was so amazed at what had not been covered in the press that when I finished the book, I started at the beginning and read it a second time. I had to be absolutely sure that I had not missed something that the Duke President had known that justified his position.

As far as Nifong is concerend, I think everyone already realized how contemptible his actions were. By the time I read the book, Nifong was being tried and we knew that it was all a political game for him. As for the Duke 88, I am still disgusted to think that the people who are teaching our children and grandchildren are so quick to accuse someone just to protect their political views. They have not yet apologized to three fine young men whose families have been subjected to great pain . . . . or to Coach Pressler and his family.

I am so grateful that their faith was enough to help them through such an ordeal. This is an excellent book about overcoming real adversity. It will inspire you.


At 10:51 PM , Blogger Richard Nava said...

I completely agree. I understand that the Duke community will be getting a a taste of the truth, however, in the near future from an esteemed professor in their own college newspaper. Something surely needs to be done.



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