Saturday, January 31, 2009

Carpenter’s Tools
- Time to Care

Article by Pastor Wallace Phillips
- Ahoskie, NC

I had an interesting witness of kindness early this morning. As I journeyed back to Ahoskie from taking my son to school, I noticed some vehicles on the roadside and people standing by a ditch bank. I slowed to see if there was a need to stop.

As I neared them, I noticed someone with a shovel digging a hole. The man was working steadily to make a grave and a deceased dog that had been hit by one of the cars was lying next to his soon to be grave.

In just the slow passing for me, I could see and sense the caring that was coming from those persons. One option that the driver had was to hit the dog and keep on going. Another option was to stop and inquire who the precious animal belonged to. Apparently, the driver was able to do just that. And someone was kind enough to dig a hole and resume with a proper burial for the pet. The people involved simply took the necessary time to care.

The bible says that the hairs on our heads are numbered and not a sparrow falls to the ground without his awareness. He knows all about us and all of creation. I’m thankful that His highest form of life has been created in the image of God with the basic proponents of personality – MIND, WILL, and EMOTION. And sometimes we witness when that great emotion of sadness governs the minds of those who make a conscious decision (will) to do what is right.

This person stopped, apparently discovered the owner of the pet, took the initiative to find some help and properly bury God’s creation.

I don’t know who you are, but thanks for taking the time to care.

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