Friday, October 09, 2009

Inner Banks Humor

Barack Hussein Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize. If you think I am kidding, click on the title above to link to the Associated Press article. 2 years as Senator and 9 months as President, with not a single accomplishment other than giving great speeches spouting socialist dogma, and they give him the Nobel Peace Prize. The joke is they are serious!

The potential for mockery has concerned some of his supporters so much that the liberal web site Slate has suggested "Turn it down".

Too late to stop the mockery guys! Too late!

Even the Washington Post's Richard Cohen could not help but get in on the fun, touting the Nobel Prize for Literature being award to Sarah Palin for her promise to someday read a book! This was not even the funniest joke Cohen came up with. Read here for the entire article.

Obama is the biggest joke since they awarded the Peace Prize to Mikhail Gorbachev for losing the cold war... as a way to insult Ronald Reagan for winning the cold war. Norway is the most America hating nation on earth. Think this is an exaggeration? Here are a few of the other socialists besides Obama who have won in recent years:
Al Gore
Muhammad Yunus
Yasser Arafat

Wangari Maathai
Jimmy Carter
Martti Ahtisaari
Mohamed ElBaradei
Kofi Annan
Nelson Mandela

Impressive list, no?

Best blog comment I read was from marianspeaks on "You mean the
Al Gore Prize for Unending Mendacity with Jimmy Carter Cluster"?

Getting serious for a moment, I do not see how this cannot renew the accusation that Obama's campaign was funded by the global socialist movement and he owes no allegiance to America. His only allegiance is to the socialist movement that is dedicated to destroying America. He is NOT an American.


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