Saturday, August 07, 2010

Inner Banks Humor - Politics

"Michelle Obama's Spanish vacation draws critics"

by Peter Nicholas and Katherine Skiba - August 6th, 2010 - Tribune Washington Bureau (Los Angeles Times)

I don't really need to include any of the actual article for this to be funny. The title is enough. Our self appointed royalty, Queen Michelle and Princess Sasha are spending our tax dollars overseas, obvioulsy merely to mock all those rich folks that they constantly criticize for doing the same. They are in Spain on an oppulent vaction, carrying along a large number of friends as guests of the Queen and Princess, running the price tag near a half million dollars.

Luckily they were able to score a lucheon with King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia at their summer palace on the Island of Majorca, which assured the American Royals could stick the American tax payer with most of the tab for this overseas boondoggle. One week of vacation. One dinner of chitchat with royalty. Seems about right to call this official. Glad they could find so much time to 'work'. Dining with foreign royalty is obviously something that makes a trip 'official' (as opposed to merely insulting to America that they can find no place in our nation that they would deem acceptable to visit). Still you cannot think that eating with royalty will ever be 'grueling' (pun intended). When you think of yourself as royalty you can't just dine with anyone, now can you? Where would they find royalty of equal standing in America?

This is the luxury hotel where the Queen Michelle party is living while vacationing in Spain. It is one of the fanciest in the world. Click here for Daily Mail article detailing the costs of the entourage taken to Spain and other pictures of their stay.

Such a shame Queen Michelle doesn't enjoy hiking in America's national parks the way Laura Bush did on her once a year vacations. Of course Democrats denounced that. The same ones who are defending the Queen Michelle extravagance as totally justified for a 'private person' who just needs some time away - for the seventh time in two years.

In anticipation of being worn out from all the 'work' on her Spanish vacation, Queen Michelle has planned to rest in a couple of weeks on Martha's Vineyard, a private and exclusive Island off the coast of Massachusettes. That will make eight vacations in two years. Nice 'work' if you can get it.


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