Friday, October 29, 2010

Inner Banks Humor

So -- The black guy (who won his primary) is asked to step aside by by the former white President (who was called a racist by the President who he is supposedly helping), in order that the white guy (who lost his primary) can have a better chance of beating the Hispanic guy (who won his primary). Did Obama really think that Clinton would help him save the Senate? Of course this was leaked by Clinton supporters so that the blowback would harm Obama. Blacks and Hispanics are both outraged. Clinton was just the messenger so it doesn't come back on him.

People need to remember that Bill Clinton is still the master of political chicanery. Obama should note that twice he has asked for Clinton's assistance, Clinton has failed twice, it has been leaked twice and Obama is the one hurt both times. Newt Gingrich learned the same lesson. Playing politics with Clinton is not a game for amateurs. And Obama is an amateur.


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