Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Press Release
- Friends of Bertie-Rescind the Raise

We have retained one of the best law firms in NC to overturn or rescind the raise of the Bertie County Manager and hold accountable our Bertie County Commissioners. The raise is not supported by the majority of Bertie County citizens. You can find the information on our efforts in Face Book by searching for Friends of Bertie.

Attached is the letter that went to the Bertie County Attorney this afternoon. It outlines that the raise was not transparent and that it was approved outside of the general statutes according to the attorney representing The Friends of Bertie-Rescind the Raise Committee.

Letter to Lloyd Smith

You may also follow the Attachments link below to Google docs to find copies of the general statutes that apply. Look at page 8 to see that we can ask a judge to declare the contract null and void. Our attorney feels we have a very strong case.


The citizens of Bertie are going to see this one through to the end. We will raise the money to litigate this and when we win the county will have to pay our legal fees. The commissioners must know we will prevail. Will they really spend even more of our hard earned tax dollars litigating a suit to cover up their bad judgement and lack of transparency. We can hope not, but based on their actions to date, do not hold your breath.


In the middle of the last recession, they gave a 46% $52,000 compensation increase to a guy already making 21% more than any county manager in the region.

They did it in closed session and it appears without following the laws required to make it public.

They told all other county employees no one was getting a raise.

3 Commissioner got re-elected without telling the public their actions

They have not been forthcoming since it was discovered. All have defended their actions when not one citizen has spoken publicly in favor of the action. We deserve and demand better from our elected leaders

We need every Bertie Citizen to send a donation to

Friends of Bertie
PO Box 1105
Windsor NC 27983

We need your help,
Friends of Bertie - Rescind the Raise Committee


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