Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Republicans And Democrats
Fiddle While America Burns

Last month America had the worst deficit in our nations history, $223 Billion. That is not what we spent. That is what we spent in excess of what we had available to spend -- and thus had to borrow from foreigners -- mostly China.

Democrats under Obama have increased our federal spending $1 Trillion over the last two years. They insist that not a penny of this increase can be cut. Actually that is an exaggeration. They actually agree that .0016 of the budget can be cut. That is slightly over one hundredth of a penny on the dollar.

Republicans propose that we cut the increase -- the $1 Trillion increase over the previous spending (of the already inflated budget of George W. Bush) -- by a paltry $61 Billion (1.7% of the budget), as if that pitiful amount matters at a time when Obama has shoved his foot down on the spending throttle so far that our nation is rocketing towards bankruptcy.

The Democrat controlled CBO reports there is $200 Billion in waste and duplicate programs in the budget for 2012 -- and neither party acts as if there is any willingness to simply cut this already identified waste. They all avoid talking about the CBO report, ignoring the clear evidence that these cuts could be made quickly. $200 Billion! Clearly both parties want to ignore the CBO report and talk about their fiddling around instead.

If anyone had a doubt how Nero allowed Rome to be destroyed, they need only watch the idiots in our current government in Washington fiddle while our nation burns.


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