Sunday, April 17, 2011

Inner Banks Humor - Obama

It is clear that Barack Hussein Obama - aka Barry Soetero - is dealing with a lot of questions that he does not want to answer.

Is he a natural born citizen? By the prevalent definition (both parents must also be citizens as well as his being born here) the answer is no. Why do progressive judges disagree with our own Constitution? Is that document really no longer worth anything?

Is he American? He was raised in a foreign country. More than half our country do not think he sees himself as American. The question may not be answerable unless it is broken down further. If you have to maybe the right question would be is he anti-American? That is still difficult to answer since he talks a good game but his gaffes give others great concern. Is it not funny that so many in our country cannot answer these questions with confidence?

Is his SSN legal? There are serious questions about his SSN since it appears it was issued in Connecticut, a state Obama has never lived in. Why?

Did he attend college as a foreign student? There is a clear indication he claimed to be a citizen of Indonesia to get scholarship money for college. Would that be a joke? Why can't we see the records?

Does he consider himself Indonesian? Barry Soetero planned to become Prime Minister of Indonesia when he grew up to satisfy his mother's wishes. Can you think of a single other candidate for President whose childhood dream was to rule another country?

Was he born in Hawaii? If he was, why does he continue to refuse to release his long form birth certificate? Why has he spent $1 million to keep it secret? He insists that the short form is good enough. Why does he take this position? Can anyone really doubt that there is something he wants to hide? What could it be? Donald Trump, pretty much a joke himself, has ridden this unanswered question to a new level of fame.

Why was Barrack Hussein Obama's first name spelled with two "r's" and Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. spelled with one "r". This question is I think the most trivial of the questions asked by the "birther" movement, but then who am I to say? It is curious though.

Is Obama a cypher? (The key to a secret.) Maybe.

Is Obama a Manchurian candidate? (Frank Marshall Davis brainwashed Barry to be a communist while he was still a child) Possibly.

Is Obama Un-American? Absolutely. Probably the only question except the definition of "natural born citizen" where I agree with the "birthers".

What Obama also seems to believe is that keeping this litany of secrets (suing in court to keep all proof hidden) serves him better than permitting the questions to be answered. Why is that?

This entire secrecy issue has become so bizarre that it is laughable. And that makes it all a joke. Are you laughing?

A regular reader suggested a better question. Can you still afford to fill your tank with gas? (One more joke that Obama is at the center of!)


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