Monday, April 18, 2011

NC Officials Get Briefing On Destruction
Of Askewville-Colerain Tornado

I went by the command offices for the tornado, being controlled out of the EMS offices in Colerain. It was there I was told about the planned stop by the Governor of NC to view the tornado damage.

Governer Perdue and Representative G.K. Butterfield were arriving for a tour of the tornado damage and a briefing from the state disaster management officials. To see the damage they were flown into Colerain in a helicopter, to a temporary helipad arranged by Brown Peanuts on the outskirts of Colerain.

A number of local officials came out to watch what is for our small community a unique experience. State officials are rarely seen around here for anything except floods, hurricanes or tornadoes. We had a tornado so they came out for the expected photo op.

Neighbors across the street from Brown Peanut get a front row seat.

More Press in Colerain than anyone can remember.

The pilot and various security personnel wait to fly Perdue on to her next stop.


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