Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Askewville-Colerain Tornado
- The Rest Of The Damage

I was not able to photograph all of the homes that were destroyed in the storm on my first day of effort for a couple of reasons. One, some of the roads were blocked by power company trucks stringing lines and county vehicles clearing debris. Two, there is only so much destruction that I could tolerate in one day. So today I went back out to document the other half. These pictures are covering the areas I missed in the first article posted below.

I respected the desire for privacy by those who waved me off when I raised my camera. I understand. Having memories of this event is painful. However that has resulted in a lot of serious damage not being included in this documentation of the event.

In talking with people I think a lot who were not in the direct path of destruction felt like I did. Before they understood the extent of the destruction, they were annoyed with the damage their property had undergone. Gutters torn off. Windows broken. Shingles damaged. Tree limbs and debris in the yard. Trees uprooted and stripped of leaves. Entire pine stands with needles stripped and bent over like pretzels. Today we are just so thankful at what we now realize is trivial damage. We are also feeling so guilty. When you look at these pictures and see the awesome destruction of this event, you can only feel sorrow for those who truly bore the brunt of the storm.


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